About Us

Hello, my name is Lindsy Smith, the owner/operator of Red Oak Home Services, LLC, your local premier home inspector. I started in the construction industry over 30 years ago in the new home construction business – all during my high school years! Upon graduation I continued my education, but turned to the computer and electronic industry as a senior system engineer. I continued to do construction work in all trades on the side until 2000, which is when I went back in to the construction industry full time. What all this means is you will get a uniquely qualified individual to look at your home or structure. My extensive experience and background in all the trades associated with the construction process are what make me so unique. Rest assured, I will find things most others won’t notice, and I will be able to give you potential solutions and let you know how difficult or expensive the issue might be to rectify.

The “Red Oak” Difference

We are not your average home inspection company here at Red Oak. We bring the inspection industry to a new standard.

We are InterNACHI Certified and carry many accreditations ad certificates – far more than the average home inspector. I am also a  Va Licensed home inspector.

Also most of the Inspectors that do Radon Testing here in VA send the test out to a lab witch adds to 2 days to getting the report and the agents have been putting a 7 day contingency for inspection and Radon down from the 13. I have my own Eperm system, and we are an NRSB Accredited Radon Laboratory, so I have the report same day after 2 day test placement.

My Qualifications