How much do we know about our drinking water? We know how important it is to have a safe and reliable water supply, but should we know more about where its coming from? Should we always assume that it is safe to drink? These are all important questions that its wise to know the answers to.

Your water, what is its source?

It usually depends on what kind of an area we live in, whether its rural or more densely populated. More densely populated areas such as towns and cities may have their water sourced from a reservoir. If you do not live near a reservoir, it doesn’t mean your water doesn’t come from one, as it could be coming from some miles away. This type of water source is known as a surface water source.

If you live in a more rural location, however, it is most likely that your water comes from a well. In this case the waters source is natural underground reservoir or aquifer.

To determine if the water is safe or not involves more than just looking at the water itself. The surroundings of the body of water must be analyzed as well. For instance, you would need to know what the surrounding land is used for. Is it mostly industrial or is it farmland? This area that surrounds the water source is referred to as the water shed.

You may be asking “How can I get specific information about my water source?” Well did you know that since 1999 all suppliers of community water must make available an annual report for its customers? This report contains the information you should know about the waters source as well as any contaminates that might be found in it.

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