Trampolines can be so much fun and very good for getting exercise. Many households enjoy having one in their back yard. They are something that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike. While we acknowledge the benefits of owning a trampoline, we also are aware of that they can be very dangerous and cause injury if not used properly.

To stay as safe as you can while using a trampoline, keep children supervised at all times. There should not be more than one person using it at a time.

While a trampolines may give the illusion that you can act like a professional gymnast without any risk, the facts are that trying maneuvers that only trained gymnasts should have a go at could very easily result in head or neck injuries, and sometimes even paralysis. It is not a good idea to attempt this.

How many home videos have we all seen on You Tube of people jumping off a roof or some other high objects in order to land on a trampoline? Not too many of them show the injuries obtained from such a unwise action though. Don’t let anyone persuade you to let them try this on your trampoline.

Placing a trampoline in a well lit area is a good idea so that you can see clearly where you are jumping.

Make sure that every safety precautions has been taken to ensure your trampoline is safe to use. Some of these precautions include installing a safety net around the trampoline, making sure that the springs and framework of the trampoline have sufficient padding. Keep your trampoline on a more spongy like floor, such as wood chips, which would ensure a softer landing.

Its important to us that you all enjoy the fun you can have with a trampoline, but please remember safety first.